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Important Information to all our Staff, Customers, Suppliers & Subcontractors:

In light of the recent events surrounding COVID-19, the following precautionary measures are currently in place to protect the health and safety of our Staff, Customers, Suppliers and subcontractors:

  1. We will no longer be collecting signatures during the despatch of goods to eliminate any unnecessary risks. Turbo warehouse Staff would be inserting full name of the Customer/Driver on behalf with necessary pictures to support the collection of goods. We have also been alerted of a scam which is currently going on where drivers claim to be part of a certain company or courier services sent to collect orders. Your driver or person collecting will be asked to quote the reference number of the job and present their photo Id (Driver’s license or State ID) for verification. Failure to give this information will lead to refusal of order.
  2. If yourself or co-worker is unwell, we ask that you please refrain from attending our office and we can accommodate through arranged deliveries or phone calls for sales/accounts.
  3. We are monitoring the health of our staff and requiring any employee who is feeling symptoms of illness (consistent with COVID-19 or otherwise) to stay home. We are also requiring such staff members to be tested before returning to work. Any staff members who have travelled internationally recently will undergo the same precautions
  4. We also ask that you demonstrate and encourage proper hygiene practices by coughing and/or sneezing into the elbow and not the hands
  5. We are continuing to maintain, clean and sanitized workplace for both offices and warehouses by providing hand sanitizers on all workstations.
  6. We are practicing Social distancing at our workplace so please don’t feel offended:
    • Stopping handshake as a greeting
    • Staying more than 1.5 metres from people.

We very much appreciate your support especially during this unique and challenging time. We are optimistic this will soon pass but, in the meantime, we will continue our support as a supplier and appreciate your business. Stay Safe.